Untitled (Dream Performance)

  1. 2012 – present
  2. Inkjet prints on card
  3. Dimensions Variable
Installation view at Bazaar II.
Work in progress view from informal residency at Atlantic House. Photograph courtesy Atlantic House

The text on one of the cards reads:

Someone emailed this to me:

I've just woken up in the midst of a dream in which you were the central character. You were standing, and trying to teach/explain how to drive a standard to an entire room of Americans. Some were quite unruly about having to drive on the left side of the road.

The text on another of the cards reads:

Someone wrote this down for me:

On holiday somewhere like Knysna Lodges, with Matthew and some friends (J—, J—, T—, M—, I think all there). House very near gate. In an attempt to leave (I think) Matthew had driven us into some confusion where we couldn't get out. Back at the house, we are discussing this problem. I think we are arguing a bit. It's strange because, having found our way back to the house should mean finding the gate without any trouble, but for some reason it's not this simple. Matthew is sort of being made fun of for getting us into this position. It seems like a fun holiday.

The text on the very small card reads:

A Performance Work Where I Appear In People's Dreams

  1. 2012 – present
  2. Performance documentation